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Surety Services LLC specializes in pre-qualifying contractors for specific projects and prospective work programs, as well as developing contractors for safe and profitable growth. Contact us for all of your bid, performance and payment bond needs.



In business I value candor, aggressiveness and delivering on your personal word. So, when my awarded contracts came with Performance and Payment bonding requirements I knew who to call; Steve Johnson. Steve epitomizes the traits I value. His candor can hit hard. His aggressiveness is strong but balanced. He delivers! My company has secured over $7M in bonding under Steve’s stewardship. I can’t imagine trusting my company’s bonding requirements to anyone else...."

Doug Keeton, Chief Operating Officer, WhiteOak Group

Construction Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds

A construction surety bond is essentially a contract between three parties that helps ensure the fulfillment of a contract. In the three parties, the principal is the party who performs the work, while the obligee is the receiver of the work. The surety is a neutral third party that is employed to see that all work performed by the principal is performed on time and according to the agreement. The surety is also responsible for overseeing all obligations on the part of both the principal and the obligee. Construction surety bonds are issued for projects that involve large construction with enormous provisional contracts, and these bonds are often required for government or any other public money projects. The commercial surety bond is issued for the protection of the obligee, but the surety can offer helpful management and operational consulting on behalf of the principal as well.

In the United States, there is a law known as the Miller Act that requires contract surety bonds on all federal projects that exceed $100,000 in amount for the construction, alteration, or repair of any building or public work of the United States. This law requires that a contractor on such a federal project to post two bonds: a performance bond and a labor and material payment bond.

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Every day, our employees arrive with a common goal — to provide a quality service to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. From small renovation companies to large general contractors, we service some of the most technically demanding companies around. Our people can experience multiple aspects of the surety industry. This enables our employees to find the right match for their interests and expertise. Together, we comprise a talented, committed, and diverse group of people who enjoy what we do.

Are you are smart, ethical, good with people, thrive on challenge, have a strong work ethic, welcome diversity, have the patience to build a serious career, and share our dedication to customer delight? Do you want to work for a company with the resources and commitment to help you grow professionally and personally? A career at Surety Services could be the answer. Email your resume to Surety Services at Info@SuretyServicesllc.com